• / Newsflash 1 / — February, 2014

    Recording update with Prime Circle

    Recording update with Prime Circle "Album is coming along well, guitar tracking has been going great"
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  • / Newsflash 2 / — January, 2014

    Rusti to record new Prime Circle album

    Rusti from Heritage Sound will be recording Prime Circle's new album this January in Johannesburg.
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  • / Newsflash 3 / — December, 2013

    MK Awards 2014

    Taxi Violence's latest album 'Soul Shake' is nominated for Album of the Year in the 2014 MK Awards
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  • / Newsflash 4 / — November, 2013

    Reburn in Studio

    Reburn are currently in studio for the next month to record their new album, 'Majestic'.
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  • / Newsflash 5 / — October, 2013

    Die Heuwels Fantasties in Studio

    Die Heuwels Fantasties were at Heritage Sound to lay down some drum tracks for their new album 'Alles Wat Mal is' out in November.
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  • / Newsflash 6 / — October, 2013

    Dead Lucky - Sons of Lazarus

    'Sons of Lazarus' Dead Lucky's debut album is available for free to download off their website. Download now

  • / Newsflash 7 / — August, 2013

    aKing in Studio

    aKing were at Heritage Sound to record some new tracks.
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  • / Newsflash 8 / — August, 2013

    Goodnight Wembley - Bang!

    Goodnight Wembley's Debut Album 'Bang!' is out now on iTunes SA.
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  • / Newsflash 9 / — July, 2013

    Taxi Violence - Soul Shake

    Taxi Violence's 4th Studio album 'Soul Shake' available now on iTunes SA.
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Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw is a South African based producer/recording engineer, who owns and operates Heritage Sound in Cape Town. The studio is a culmination of Rusti's lifelong passions combined.

His interest in recording music got underway in 2001 when he co-produced his own record, entitled "Rusitband". This album was met with great success in the SA music scene, which opened doors for further projects. His desire to visit the United States was further fueled by the success of a second solo album, which he co-produced, as well as being the main producer on the SAMA-Award winning album, The Call, by Proxy.

An accomplished drummer, singer and songwriter, Rusti travelled to Nashville in 2008 to concentrate on developing his ability as a recording engineer and producer. He completed the Berklee College of Music 'Producing in Pro Tools' certificate and fulfilled an internship at various top studios in Nashville under the tutelage of legendary recording/mix engineer and producer Jeff Balding.

While living in the USA, and once he got back to South Africa, Rusti toured and performed with the high profile band Tree63 and continued to work on his own material. Upon his return, he established Heritage Sound, a studio made unique by its great location in one of Cape Town's most historic buildings, Heritage Square. The live room inside the studio boasts 4.2m high ceilings, decorated with chandeliers, and the drum kit rests on a 240-year old yellowwood floor. It is also stocked with great outboard gear and carefully selected, high quality microphones. With this environment at his disposal, Rusti is fast becoming known as the man able to capture the best raw drum sound in the country!

Heritage Sound has played host to a great many established South African bands and artists who have chosen Rusti to record their projects. Many of these tracks have been charted on local and national radio stations such as 5fm, Kfm, Highveld Stereo, Ofm, etc.

His relational approach and unique people skills allows him to coax the best out of any artist.

To date some of his discography reads as follows:

  • - Prime Circle - 2014
  • - Reburn: 'Majestic' – 2013
  • - Van Coke Kartel/Seether Colab - 2013
  • - Filth - 2013
  • - Die Heuwels Fantasties: 'Alles Wat Mal is' - 2013
  • - Taxi Violence: 'Soul Shake' - 2013 (MKAwards nominated rock album)
  • - aKING - 2013
  • - David Meulen (Solo artist) - 2013
  • - Dead Lucky: 'Sons of Lazarus' – 2013
  • - Goodnight Wembley: 'Bang!' - 2013 (MKAwards nominated beste nuweling)
  • - Freshlyground: 'Take Me to the Dance' - 2012 (SAMA nominated album)
  • - Evelyn Hart: 'Forged by the Sea' EP - 2012
  • - McCree: 'Of Hopes & Dreams' - 2012
  • - Taxi Violence: 'Long Way from Home' - 2011 (SAMA nominated album)
  • - Versus The Wolf – 2012
  • - Juke Royal: 'Smile at Danger' - 2012
  • - The Dirty Skirts: 'Lost in the Fall' - 2011 (SAMA award winning album)
  • - The Rescu: 'The Rescu' - 2011
  • - Proxy: 'The Call' - 2009 (SAMA and CROWN award winning album)

At present, Rusti keeps his music skills sharp by writing and performing with Evelyn Hart, an alternative folk artist from Cape Town. He also travels abroad once a year to keep up to date with the current trends of the music industry. It is this approach that offers local acts an opportunity to record their music at an international level in a creative, professional and safe environment.



Won't Let Go - Reburn (Majestic - 2013)
The Kids - Goodnight Wembley! (Bang! - 2013)
Brainmash - Taxi Violence (Soul Shake - 2013)
Bad Reputation - Goodnight Wembley! (Bang! - 2013)
Time Machine - Goodnight Wembley! (Single - 2012)
No Other Place - Reburn (Single - 2012)
The Holy Hour - The Dirty Skirts (Lost in the Fall - 2012)
Evil Comes - The Dirty Skirts (Lost in the Fall - 2012)
Unholy - Taxi Violence (Long Way from Home - 2012)
We're all gonna Die - The Dirty Skirts (Lost in the Fall - 2012)
Heads or Tails - Taxi Violence (Long Way from Home - 2012)
Strike the match - The Dirty Skirts (Single - 2011)


Taxi Violence – Soul Shake - Beste Album (nominated) VOTE

Goodnight Wembley – Time Machine - Beste Nuweling (nominated)
Taxi Violence – Unholy - Beste Rock (nominated)

Taxi Violence - Head Or Tails - Beste Rock (nominated)


MTN 19th SAMA AWARDS 2013: -
Freshlyground - Take me to the Dance
- Best Adult Contemporary Album (nominated)
Freshlyground - Take me to the Dance
- Duo or Group of the year (winner)

MTN 18th SAMA AWARDS 2012: -
Taxi Violence - Unplugged: Long Way From Home
- Best Rock Album (nominated)
Taxi Violence - Unplugged: Long Way From Home
- Duo or Group of the year (nomintated)
The Dirty Skirts - Lost in the Fall - Best Alternative Album (WINNER)

MTN 17th SAMA AWARDS 2011:
Versus the Wolf - Uncovering Faces - Best Album Packaging (winner)

MTN 16th SAMA AWARDS 2010:
Proxy - The Call - Best Contemporary Christian Music Album (winner)


Goodnight Wembley By Ashley Brown (2013)
Heritage Sound Studios By Ezelle Louw (2012)


  • - Mogami cabling throughout
  • - Amphenol Gold connectors
  • - 2 x Pro Tools 9 System
  • - 1 x MacMini Server 2 x 2.7 Ghz Quad-Core Intel
  • - 1 x iMac 1 x 2.5Ghz Quad-Core Intel
  • - 1 x API A2d via S/PDIF
  • - 2 x Black Lion Audio Signature Series 002
  • - 1 x Focusrite 428 8 channel via ADAT
Mic Pre's:
  • - Great River ME-1NV
  • - SSL G383 Dual Mic Pre/EQ
  • - Focusrite ISA 215 (Neve designed) Dual Mic Pre/EQ
  • - API A2d with dual 312 Mic Pre's
  • - Millennia STT-1 Pre/EQ/Comp
  • - Focusrite 428
  • - AEA TRP Dual Mic Pre
  • - Joemeek "British Channel" with Burr Brown Mic Pre/EQ/Comp
  • - Langevin 116 Vintage Tube Pre
  • - 2 x Groove Tube Brick
  • - Focusrite FastTrack Pro with Dual Mic Pre's/EQ/Comp
  • - TOFT ATB16 Console (For location recordings)
  • - Phoenix Audio "Really Nice D|" Dual Channel
  • - Radial Pro D2 Dual Passive DI
  • - Great River ME-1NV
  • - Focusrite ISA One
  • - Millennia STT-1
  • - Groove Tubes Brick - Tube DI
  • - 4 x original Trident 80B
  • - SSL G383 Dual Mic Pre/EQ
  • - Focusrite ISA 215 Dual Mic Pre/EQ
  • - Millennia STT-1 Pre/EQ/Comp
  • - Joemeek "British Channel" with Burr Brown Mic Pre/EQ/Comp
  • - Focusrite FastTrack Pro with Dual Mic Pre's/EQ/Comp
  • - TOFT ATB16 Console (For location recordings)
  • - Empirical Labs FATSO
  • - Millennia STT-1 Pre/EQ/Comp
  • - Dbx 160xt
  • - 2 x Dbx 160x
  • - Joemeek "British Channel" with Burr Brown Mic Pre/EQ/Comp
  • - Focusrite FastTrack Pro with Dual Mic Pre's/EQ/Comp
  • - Neumann U89
  • - AKG VR12 (C12 remake)
  • - 2 x AEA R84 Ribbon
  • - 2 x AKG C414 XLII
  • - Shure SM7B
  • - 2 x AKG 451
  • - 3 x Audio Technique AT4033
  • - 2 x AKG D112
  • - 5 x Shure SM57
  • - Yamaha SubKick
  • - Audio Technica ATM25
  • - Shure Beta 52
  • - Audio Technica AT4021
  • - 2 x Cascade Fathead Ribbon
  • - 2 x Shure SM58
  • - 2 x AKG D5
  • - 1 pair ADAM A7
  • - 1 pair EMES BLUE HR active
  • - 1 pair Eve Audio SC205
  • - We have a huge selection of great vintage and modern amps, drum kits, guitars. The list is just simply too long to mention here ;)


Please mail us for bookings or queries and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Latest Projects

Since they first burst out of the sleepy mining town of Witbank some 11 years ago, South African rock sensation Prime Circle has been unstoppable. They stormed out of the gates with their record-breaking debut album in 2003, and have followed it up with a string of massive studio albums that have secured their place as the most successful rock act in South African history.

Prime Circle’s career is an inspiration that has spawned hundreds of garage bands across South Africa, with starry-eyed young rockers hoping that one day, they might make it big the way Ross Learmonth, Dirk Bisschoff, Marco Gomes, Neil Breytenbach and Dale Schnettler did. In a country where rock ‘n’ roll is a precious but rare commodity, that’s nothing to be sniffed at. Says lead singer Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle’s early days, “It was hard to find people who were serious about music – so I jumped at the chance to jam with guys who were ambitious musicians.” The band, all from Witbank and surrounding areas, emerged from literally nowhere to take the unsuspecting South African rock scene by storm.

11 years down the line, Prime Circle have kept their brand of rasping, layered, melodic rock on mainstream airwaves, bringing the heavier stuff to listeners who might not have found it without their help. Ross Learmonth’s is now one of the most recognisable voices in South African music. But for the band, it’s not about rockstardom - it’s really still all about the fans and the songs. Says the lead singer, “Without the fans, we would be nothing. And I don’t ever want to do anything else. Creating music for a living is a privilege, and we never forget that.”


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